I go through my ups and downs just like I am sure you do. When we struggle with these moments we try to find the best remedy. My solutions have not always been the smartest and most definitely have proven to not have much resolution.

Well my friends, I have stumbled onto the cheapest, safest, fastest healthiest and most rewarding elixir. I know you are all waiting with bated breath to find out what could this cure possibly be…….

Laughter, it really is the best therapy; I know, I know you are asking “What is this thing you speak of? and how does one get it?”

Let me gladly share with you how I obtained this precious piece of information. Remember how I was saying that I have struggled with my many ups and downs? When I say many I am not exaggerating either, sometimes I feel like a yoyo in a human casing and when I am on the downward part of that journey I am not a happy person. But then something miraculous happened over a year ago, I had the fortune to be around some very amazing people that now I have the privilege to call my friends. These friends also had their ups and downs but the beauty is that when we interacted with each other we were able to lighten another’s load simply by making a joke or doing something outlandishly funny. This behavior had no other result then the gift of laughter and then before I knew it many of those troubles seemed to be forgotten or somehow if not forgotten absolutely not as severe as they were originally.

There are other ways to partake in laughter such as watching a funny program however, I have found that the most therapeutic way is the laughter that comes from within you because the ones that are making it happen share experiences with you at some moment in your life that personalize it. A true example for me is when I look at a photo of my mates and I or perhaps just them and it reminds me of times we shared and before I know it I am laughing out loud. This is a laugh that comes from the heart and the mind which amazingly releases so much pleasure.

I am not trying to tell you that laughter is a cure for all that ails us. After all, some of us do have some serious issues we have to deal with and those are the things we must work on but I am here to tell you laughter sure as hell helps to alleviate some of that pain. Listen; if we had a cold wouldn’t we do something about that? A cold cannot be cured, you must ride it out but we do things to make us more comfortable when we are suffering whether it is a bowl of Grandmas chicken soup, our blanky and an early night or accepting the compassion of someone that loves and cares for you.

Yep, not only is laughter the best medicine it is also the best policy.